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Students learn lots of math concepts at school, yet many are unable to apply this knowledge to their interests outside of the classroom. Maker Maths highlights the math that exists in different making projects and provides students with an opportunity to enhance their math understanding in an applied and personalized way. The first kit, Maker Maths Pinball, guides students to use their geometry knowledge to create and play this classic arcade game. With scaffolded instructions, reflective prompts, and challenge activities, students identify key math concepts, test making techniques, and reflect on their process.

Our Approach

... Maker Maths Pinball


Key Features

Learner Driven Making

Learners are at the center of the experience.

Scaffolded Instructions

Support is provided throughout the making process.

Extension & Challenge Activites

Learners can customise and extend their experience.


Reflection Questions prompt learners to reflect on their experience.

Who are Maker Maths?

Yujie (Kelly) Chen has a background in Psychology and Education. She loves her dog and she is fascinated by the printing press.

Yujie (Kelly) Chen

Michael Wong has a background in Jewellery Manufacturing and Education. He loves his bikes and his favourite tool is a hammer.

Michael Wong

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